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We can be proud that neighbors in our area have pulled together to help each other after our recent flooding disaster. Now, it’s time to pull together again as we try to rebuild our lives and our homes. On behalf of the Home Builders Association of WV, we’d like to warn you about another potential disaster: unscrupulous contractors.

Beware of these warning signs:

  • You’re told that on this job, a contract “won’t be necessary.
  • You’re asked to pay for the entire job “up front”—or pay cash to a salesperson instead of a check or money order to a company.
  • You are confronted with scare tactics.
  • You’re told you’ve been “chosen” as a demonstration project at a special, low price.
  • You’re told a low price is good only if you sign a contract today.
  • The contractor won’t give you references—or the references can’t be located.
  • You can’t verify the contractor’s business address.

If a contractor you feel is not being upfront has contacted you, please contact the Home Builders Association of WV for a list of reliable contractors. We can be reached at 304-342-5176 or Rskeen@hbawv.org.

Disaster Websites

These websites provide additional resources to help you prepare for – and recover from –natural and man-made disasters.

  • American Red Cross
    The American Red Cross website provides useful information on how to recover from a natural disaster.
  • FEMA Disaster Resources
    Access resources on FEMA’s website to plan, prepare and mitigate the impact of a natural disaster.
  • HUD Disaster Recovery Toolkit
    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides a toolkit with downloadable resources, reports and guides to aid in the disaster recovery process.
  • Ready.gov Website
    This government website provides resources on how to prepare, plan and stay informed about natural and man-made disasters.

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WV Office of Energy Training

The 2009 International Energy Conservation Code has gone into effect in WV as of 11/30/13. This "Free" training will include continued education for all contractors, appraisers, realtors, code officials, architects and home inspectors. It is made possible through a grant from the WV Office of Energy and is sponsored by the Home Builders Association of WV. As future classes are scheduled, they will be listed here on our webpage or may call our office at 304-342-5176.

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